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Server is Alpha-Complete!
Excellent news! The Feudal Kingdoms server is now feature-complete for Alpha testing. This means we are closer than ever to being prepared for the closed alpha test.

Now that the server is complete, there are still three major tasks to complete before we can be completely finished:
  • First, we need to run stress tests on the server with AI players. We're running them much faster than real gameplay, allowing us to simulate a month of gameplay in an hour or two. The AIs are forming complex hierarchies and going to war with each other, so now it's just a matter of a basic balancing pass to get everything running smoothly.

  • The second task is to finish the game client. Right now, the game client is very simple, and lacking in features, so we need to beef that up, and make sure there's an interface to take advantage of all the cool things the server is processing. We're building the client on the Unity engine, so while it will be pretty plain for the alpha test, we'll be able to easily upgrade everything (including graphics) very easily moving forward.

  • We need to build a launcher program to properly update the game. Since we don't plan to launch this initially on major distribution platforms, the game will need to be able to update itself, and provide some news to the players, such as patch change lists.

Well, that's all for now, folks. We'll keep updating as we make progress on the game. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates!

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